5th Couscous

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The 5th Couscous show will be held at the church of Nossa Senhora da Saúde, in Lameiros, São Vicente, on October 21.

From the first hour this show aims to preserve the couscous and the traditional way of making this food, traditionally used in the countries of North Africa and today consumed a little all over the world.
Couscous is made from wheat flour from the earth, as the other wheat leaves it "soaked," yeast and warm water seasoned with salt and saffron leaves, being worked until it turns into a granulated mass. Once granulated, the dough goes to the cuscuseiro that is placed on a pan with water, taking 2 hours to bake the pasta. Once cooked, the couscous is removed and wiped, still warm, with the hands. Finally, it is spread on a terrace where it dries in the sun for 2 or 3 days, and is ready to be consumed.
In North Africa it is normal to call "couscous" also to dishes already made with this food. It serves many times of accompaniment, being able to perfectly substitute the rice, the potatoes and other masses and it combines well with many other flavors.

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