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The celebrations of the Week of the Sea, in the Living Science Center of Porto Moniz, begin on July 25 at 10:30 am, with a lecture

Entitled "luminaires and impacts of light pollution on seabirds", given by Dr. Laura Castello of SPEA and with an exhibition entitled "projects developed by SPEA in Madeira". We also have two boat departures, to the sea, the first exit will be held at 11:00 and the second exit will be held at 14:00, we inform you that interested people, can make their registration, through the various contacts of the Center Living Science.

Also on July 25th at 3:00 pm we have the presence of the Marine Biology Station of Funchal, in the quality of Dr. Mafalda Freitas that will bring us an exhibition: "Treasures of the Deep Atlantic Ocean".

On July 26th, we began our day with the entity: Núcleo dos Dragoeiros - IFCN, in the quality of Dr. Rosa Pires, who will bring us a photographic exhibition: "Marine Life" - A show of explosion of color and life that the Madeira's underwater world has "and will also give our audience a lecture:" LIFE Wood Lobo Marine Project ".

On 27 July, the Madeira Whale Museum, in the capacity of Dr. Ana Nóbrega, will bring us a lecture on "the cultural diversity of the whale museum" and an exhibition on "a museum: stories of Life and sea. "

On July 28, the Entity: Museum of Natural History of Funchal, will bring us an exhibition: "An Underwater Oasis to Discover and Protect" and a lecture: "Sea grass prairies in the Eco-Marine Park of Funchal", we count on the Speaker: Dr. Ricardo Araújo.

We conclude our sea week with an exhibition by Zita Cardoso on the gastronomy in the world.

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